Queuing Delay

Types of Delay: Processing Delay - Queuing Delay
Types of Delay: Processing Delay - Queuing Delay

Let's look at these delays in the context of following figure. As part of its end-to-end route between source and destination, a packet is sent from the upstream node through router A to router B. Our object is to characterize the nodal delay at router A. Note that router A has an

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Queuing Delay and Packet Loss
Queuing Delay and Packet Loss

The most complex and interesting element of nodal delay is the queuing delay, dqueue. In reality, queuing delay is so important and interesting in computer networking that thousands of papers and several books have been written about it [Bertsekas 1991; Daigle 1991; Kleinrock 1975, 1976; Ross 1995].

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